"I can't think without a pen in my hand!" - Me

"I can't think without a pen in my hand!" - Me

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If you have visited this blog before, you will notice I've made some changes. A Pen in My Hand is going to be dedicated to lighthearted anecdotes and whatever else I feel like writing. I have started another blog for topics that are more serious/spiritual in nature. See the link in the sidebar to visit that blog.

I sincerely hope you find something here worth reading; but if not, take heart. There are about six billion other blogs out there to choose from.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

What Happened to "Holding Down the Fort"??

You may notice I've removed the posts under the heading "Holding Down the Fort." I have compiled these anecdotes into a book and published it.

It is available for purchase at Amazon.com. You can also find more ordering information at mydeploymentdiaries.com.

Thanks for all your encouragement in pursuing this project!